More About Me

Living on the Emerald Coast

Lisa Medley epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. Lisa grew up in the Midwest, and started her sales habit in the late 90's after becoming a first time mom.

Lisa is a dedicated veteran's wife, mother, and grandmother and loves spending long days at the beach with them. Addicted to bettering herself, you can always find her reading a great personal development book, hiking a new trail, or running trails near her home prepping for the next 5k. 

Lisa has been trained and inspired in sales by some of the best from Dave Hollis, Cara Alwill Leyba, Jen Hatmaker, Jen Sincero and others.  Lisa uses her experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become a problem. She and her team work with vendors to inspect and maintain properties, initiate conversation in every detail of the transaction from the first phone call all the way to the closing table. You can count on Lisa Medley for love, integrity, commitment, passion and fun!